Press Release: Potomac Riverkeeper Appeals Unlawful Change to the North Mountain Shale Permit

Gerrardstown, WV – On Monday, July 9th, Potomac Riverkeeper appealed the unlawful modification of a discharge permit for a proposed quarry to be operated by North Mountain Shale in Gerrardstown, West Virginia. Last month, the Department of Environmental Protection approved a modified permit that would allow the use of chemical flocculants in stormwater settling ponds without informing the public and allowing an opportunity for comment as required by law.

Press Release: Potomac Riverkeeper Appeals the Surface Mine Board Decision on Quarry Permit

Berkeley County, WV –A coalition of organizations representing environmental, historical and community interests filed an appeal today in Berkeley County Circuit Court challenging a permit to allow quarrying on North Mountain, the visual backdrop of historic Gerrardstown and a crucial source of water for Mill Creek. After carefully reviewing the Surface Mine Board’s final ruling on North Mountain Shale’s quarry permit, Potomac Riverkeeper, along with Washington Heritage Trail, Inc.

Press Release: WV Surface Mine Board Approves Quarry Permit Despite Strong Local Opposition

Despite strong local opposition and compelling expert testimony advising against the development of a shale quarry that would overshadow the historic town of Gerrardstown, WV, the West Virginia Surface Mine Board issued its approval for a permit allowing North Mountain Shale to operate its proposed quarry. The local community remains concerned that polluted runoff from the industrial operation could contaminate the drinking water supply.

North Mountain Hearings: Standing with a Community, and Against a Quarry

North Mountain Shale Quarry PermitEarlier this month, Brent Walls and I were in Martinsburg, WV fighting a shale quarry that’s proposed for North Mountain (in the eastern panhandle of WV). It’s a beautiful area, full of great, historic communities and wonderful people.

Meet Wendy & Steve Hudock: Our Volunteers of the Year

Wendy & Steve Hudock, Volunteers of the YearLast week, we blogged about "the rumble in West Virginia" (or, what happened after the state approved a mine permit despite a massive--and unprecedented--public outcry).

Here's What Riverkeepers Do

If you're new to this site, you may be wondering: "so just what do Riverkeepers do?" There are many answers, but one answer we like giving is: "we stop polluters." In the video below, you'll get a good idea how that's done. Watch as Brent takes you past the pollution-laden entrance of the D&L coal site in Luke, MD, proving once and for all that the site contributes to pollution in the North Branch of the Potomac River.

Helping Residents Protect Drinking Water & Their Historic Town

A Quarry SiteDid you hear about the rumble in West Virginia this fall? It happened after North Mountain Shale, LLC asked West Virginia to mine a quarry in a sleepy, historic town. Hundreds of local residents squeezed into a packed meeting hall until they were turned away, only to return as soon as a second meeting could be organized.

News Roundup: 4/28/11

Good morning! Here's a look at a few of the stories we're reading around the Potomac Riverkeeper offices today:

MD threatens lawsuits over coal ash pollution

Tim Wheeler writes in the B'More Green blog about a lawsuit Maryland is filing against Mirant Mid-Atlantic, LLC over coal ash. Coal ash is a disgusting byproduct of coal processing that contains heavy metals and other pollution that is toxic to human health and the environment.

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