August 21: Westmoreland State Park to Coles Point Marina

Tuesday, August 21, 2012 - 11:35am

Day 06 - Who’s That Chick?

Hello everyone! For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Shelley and I’m the Education & Outreach Coordinator for Potomac Riverkeeper. As some could imagine, it’s hard to paddle and write a blog. I’m surprised that Whit is pulling off all of the tweets without dropping his phone in the river! (@PotomacRiver). That’s why I’m here to be the voice on behalf of Whit and Joe from our DC office headquarters, so you all can get updates from their 2nd Annual Island to Island trip. I can’t tell you how excited I was about this trip. The Potomac is where you get your drinking water, where many folks have sustained their way of life for generations and is an integral player in this region’s ecosystem.

If this is the first blog you’re reading, take a moment and read up on Day 1-5 – some interesting happenings have occurred, including missing the morning tide and picking up river good luck charms. And you must check out of the photos in our Island to Island 2012 Facebook album. It gives you a great play by play of each day with some stunning visuals. 2nd Good Luck Charm of the Paddle!

Now on to Day 6: I luckily caught Whit on the phone this afternoon to chat about the day’s paddle. He proclaims that today’s paddle has been hands down the best paddle he’s ever taken on the river, let alone the trip. I was intrigued and probed him to tell me more. Whit and Joe woke up on the beach at one of the most beautiful state parks to overnight at on the river: Westmoreland State Park. It’s situated on these very high cliffs that give way to breathtaking views of the river. Great way to start the morning! But there’s more. As they began to paddle (mind you, before the rest of the world is even awake), they were greeted by countless bald eagles.

“I can’t even describe,” Whit told me, “there was a misty fog blowing through the marshes and it was like paddling through the land before time.”

They took a break at Sharks Tooth Island. Ever heard of it? I haven’t. It’s a locally coined name for Hollis Island where you can find fossilized sharks teeth! Growing up in California, where shark sightings are almost commonplace, I didn’t think an inland urban river would ever be associated with sharks. I know Shark Week was last week, but if you didn’t know that a shark was caught in the Potomac River in 2012, check it out!  Whit and Joe actually met the man that caught the shark while at General Smallwood State Park on Day 3.

Now the boys are setting up camp at Coles Point Plantation. Check back tomorrow for Day 7’s trip updates!