New Report Card says Bay's Health at 42%

Wednesday, May 4, 2011 - 5:10pm

Pollution MapA new report card was released for the Chesapeake Bay this week. It was scored 42% on overall health which, despite being abysmal, is graded C-. WAMU's Eric Skalac wrote about the report card and interviewed Ed.

From the article:

"Ed Merrifield, president of conservation group Potomac Riverkeeper, said the science behind the report card is sound, though he's not fond of using grades to express the river's water quality.

The data show that the Potomac is in bad shape, but the grade makes it seem better than it actually is, he said. Every year, the algae is getting worse in the freshwater part of the Potomac upstream of Washington, and Merrifield worries that it and similar threats won't be treated seriously by the public if they see any grade other than an "F"."

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